Achieve what less than 1% of the population has achieved and compete as a physique athlete. You will forever change your life as you go successfully go on this journey. All L8R Elite athletes show up ready and prepared to compete. Man or Woman, we focus on building and protecting muscle at all times and to be the best conditioned competitors on stage. Competing takes great discipline and focus and should not be taken lightly. 

Jeff & Jenny are experienced physique athletes with many wins in their own competition history, and extensive national level experience. They have an intimate understanding of all the elements that go into preparing for a physique competition.

They provide everything you will need to be fully prepared on stage, including: customized nutrition, supplementation, strength training and cardio routines, posing instruction, tanning guidance, show day preparation, show selection advice, help with show registration, and backstage guidance.
Post-show instruction and follow-up are a key focus to assure a successful transition back to a more sustainable lifestyle.








Preparing for a competition is the ultimate physical and mental challenge.  It can be one of the hardest things you do in this life, but it can be incredibly rewarding at the same time.  You learn a new level of discipline and hard work that remains with you long after the competition is over.
No one is left behind at L8R Elite.  Everyone is our star athlete and everyone is treated with the same respect and given the same attention as the next person.  You are not another number here, you quickly become part of the L8R family and inherit an incredible support system to help you through your prep.  Health and recovery is always the top priority! Jeff & Jen are experienced competitors and coaches and will guide you to the best shape of your life and make sure you transition back to a normal routine after the show is over.  Champions are created here!

?What's Included
  1. Customized Nutrition Plans
    Customized Nutrition Plans
    Every Fit Life member receives a nutrition plan customized for your needs, goals, schedule, even food sensitivities or allergies. Jeff & Jenny build a plan of attack for YOU and progressively update and modify the plan to assure continual success. Nothing is cookie-cutter! Special attention is paid to find a plan to optimize your metabolism and find what works for you.
  2. Accountability & Expert Guidance
    Accountability & Expert Guidance
    Jeff & Jenny are with you every step of the way, providing simple solutions and smart practices to help make this lifestyle long term. You will check in with them on a weekly basis, updating your progress, celebrating your successes, and working through your challenges. After working with hundreds of clients they've seen about every situation and can find a solution to help. They are "on call" to answer questions at almost all hours of the day. You're not in this alone, you have a team behind you!
  3. Customized Training & Cardio Plans
    Customized Training & Cardio Plans
    An effective combination of both cardiovascular and resistance training plays a big role in transforming your physique. Focusing solely on aerobic activity severely limits your bodys ability to burn calories and maintain a lean body composition. Including a progressive resistance training protocol is a big part of every L8R Lifestyle program. Conveniently maintaining your physique has a lot to do with your lean muscle mass. For every pound of muscle you build, your body uses 50 more calories per day. It’s your calorie burning engine. Build your engine!
  4. Posing Instruction
    Posing Instruction
    Every client is taught how to pose one-on-one. They help you accentuate your strengths and hide your weaknesses and present a professional physique on stage. You will get a few sessions with the other competitors doing your show to get experience with others next to you as well. Jeff & Jenny together are proficient in posing for all divisions. Help selecting the right shows to enhance your career path and assistance with all the tasks associated with each show registration.
  5. The L8R Family!
    The L8R Family!
    Upon joining L8R you will quickly discover the supportive atmosphere and team-like feeling amongst all the L8R members. You'll inherit hundreds of L8R alumni and current members that are incredibly supportive of your contest prep and performance on stage.
Client Successes
  1. Annie P.
    Annie P.
    National Level NPC Bikini Competitor
  2. David Stevens
    David Stevens
    NPC Physique Competitor
  3. Mary Power
    Mary Power
    National Level Women's Physique Competitor
  4. Robyn L.
    Robyn L.
  5. Mikka Vallace
    Mikka Vallace
    National Level Figure Competitor
  6. Brooke
  7. Kristy M.
    Kristy M.
    National Level Bikini Competitor
  8. Rob Williams
    Rob Williams
    National Level Physique Competitor
  1. Derek Kresser
    Derek Kresser
    NPC Bodybuilder
  2. Allie Hammer
    Allie Hammer
    NPC Figure Competitor
  3. Chelsea G
    Chelsea G
    Bikini Competitor
  4. Shaun T.
    Shaun T.
  5. Erik J.
    Erik J.
  6. Zach A.
    Zach A.
  1. Gabriela Estrada
    Gabriela Estrada
    NPC Figure Competitor
  2. Micah Alldredge
    Micah Alldredge
    NPC Classic Physique Competitor
  3. Izaiah B.
    Izaiah B.
    Overall Mens Physique Champ!
  4. Nick
    2x Overall Bodybuilding Champion
  5. Cameron
    NPC Mens Physique Competitor
  6. Gina
    IFBB Pro

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12 Months: $2399

Conveniently pay on a month-to-month basis (4 month minimum). Enjoy all the features and benefits of being a L8R member for as long as you'd like! One flat rate year-round.
Save some money and pre-pay for 6 or 12 months. You can compete as often as you like, it includes all off-season and pre-contest preparation.  Save $250 when prepaying 6 months, or $400 when prepaying 12 months.
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